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Community Public Services will provide services to the community and specifically target clientele that are seeking assistance concerning landlord/tenant issues.  In addition, a variety of other services will be offered.
By providing these services, the community would have an alternative to the high costs frequently associated with these kinds of legal issues, as the demand for these services has grown substantially over the past 3 years. By generating new revenue from providing these services at a nominal fee, new office equipment, i.e., computers, computer software, printers, typewriters, etc., could be purchased for Community Public Services in an effort to modernize and streamline client relations.  This would allow CPS to better serve the community in a more timely and efficient manner.  In addition, office automation would ensure that the CPS program would be in the forefront, dealing with an array of legal issues facing many in our community today.

Community Public Services is not a law office, nor an attorney service.

1063 Granjas Road
San Diego, CA  91911-1822
Fax:  (619) 816-1452

Call        (619) 430-2677
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