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Jesus is Love

When I think about where I could be, I appreciate where I am… Thank you, Jesus, for saving a poor soul," like me!" I admit that I have sinned and all the world saw it and judged me, and even rendered me worthless and non-worthy of Your love and forgiveness. It is because in your eyes, I'm pure as can be♥, because of your mercy and compassion I am made free! Free from guilt, shame, bondage in my mind and heart, and from anybody's judgement! Ever since I accepted You into my heart, You have given me peace, understanding beyond those who are non-believers, blessings and divine favor. You made it easy for me to stand tall as a reflection of your everlasting and unchanging LOVE! Christ Jesus, You made it impossible for anyone to control anything about me or my life when others thought for certain you would reject a sinner like me. You recreated me when others just hated me. Yes, Lord, because of You, I'm free as can be, because when I came to a crossroads a long time ago, I was given a choice and I chose You! You taught me that I was not only worthy of Your love, but of my own as well. You taught me to love myself because You loved me first! And, because of your blessings, I stand here before the world and proclaim that Jesus is "the way" and the ONLY way to the Father; the Heavenly Father! I encourage others and pray they also find their way to YOU so they may experience Your unconditional love, peace of mind, and sense of worth based on who you deem them in Your eyes and NOT through the lens of those who would try to condemn them in the world. To put it simply...JESUS IS LOVE! Amen! (REMIX)♥♥>3


May God Continue to do Great Works in Your Life and Abundantly Bless You and Yours.
In His Precious Love and Divine Favor
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