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Posted by Larry on 25-Aug-2020 at 13:05:02 EST
Subject: Why do you think they kill BLACK LIVES?

I believe they kill us because they want to continue to impose their systemic racism conditions on us. They do not want change. They delight for what they have put our people through and they believe it is well within their right to do so. They just turn a blind eye to what they have been able to get away with and want us to accept their twisted mindset of how their ancestors treated us through the sin of SLAVERY of BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA. Look around and you see things are the same today in terms of the HATE in their racist hearts! We deserve the right for equal treatment under the U.S. Constitution and God! We deserve to have the same freedoms they are so accustomed to. They spew HATE toward us as though we are not HUMAN or that AMERICA is not OUR LAND! WE built America! America became the most powerful country on earth because it was built on the backs and blood of our ancestors before us, and stolen from their motherland and sold into slavery. We honor our ancestors and will no longer tolerate the HATEFULNESS of those who believe it's still 1863. Their mentality is rooted in fear of us because we are a people of Kings and Queens. We are a proud people and we are rising faster than they are comfortable with. Well, I say, be uncomfortable because we will NEVER allow your HATE to dictate our destiny! Our destiny roars from the heavens to give us the confidence to take back what was stolen from us. For any ally of our people, if you turn a blind eye, your silence speaks volumes. You need to decide which side of history you will be on. Your choice! But, know this...we will no longer allow Hate to win! It is a new day! Get used to it! In fact, join us! Be on the side that is steeped in truth and righteousness for His (GOD'S) namesake! In the name of our beloved brother, John Lewis, We are just fine getting in 'Good Trouble" as it's the only way change will happen. So, I ask you, do you want to get into some "good trouble" with us? Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes...get it?

May God Continue to do Great Works in Your Life and Abundantly Bless You and Yours.
In His Precious Love and Divine Favor
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