Live Life


What does it mean to live life? Does it mean to love thy neighbor as thyself? Or, does it mean to judge one another in a manner that makes you feel superior to others? What is your life supposed to exemplify? Does your life show harmony and inclusion or conflict and separation? Where do you fit in? Do you try to help your fellow man/woman? Do you try to give them a hand up OR do you step on them to promote your own life?

When Jesus came, He said, “Put no other God before Me, and love thy neighbor as thyself.” That sounds pretty simple, but we sometimes make it so difficult because at times we believe we are better than the next man/woman. There is a belief that one particular race is the chosen race and that we have more spirit than the next man/woman. Brethren, when God Himself says he gave every man/woman the same measure of faith, He made this principle easy to understand if you have faith in His word.

We all need to stop trying to put our own spin and various interpretations on God’s word, and live our lives the way Jesus did, trying our very best to have a heart like Him; one that is of kindness, compassion, understanding and tolerant of other peoples’ way of life. A person with the love of Jesus in their heart understands His word because Jesus gives each of us that understanding of all of the things we need to know. And, since God knows all, once you have that understanding, you can’t say you never knew! This is what makes it interesting; many of us thank that they can fool Him! You may be able to fool others, including me or the next man/woman, but no matter how hard you may try, you cannot fool Him! We all try from time to time, but the day will come when He will ask you, “Did you not know; or did you not think I am?” He knows all! He was waiting on you as He knew you before you were born. God has been with you from the beginning and He will be with you at the end as He planned it that way.

In the end He will make everyone accountable and ask, “Did you believe in my precious Son, the One I sent to you? The One you persecuted and denied? The One you hung on a cross while He still loved you? The One who continues to fight for your salvation? Do you have any faith OR do you think that you know more than Me, the One who created you? These days, many of you want to make your own rules, which make it so hard to get to Me, when I said the ONLY way to Me is through my Son. I made that principle easy to understand, but to My surprise, many of you choose to make it hard when I made it so easy!”

I am keenly aware that some of you choose not to understand and pretend to be blind and deaf, thinking that this behavior will keep you from your accountability with God at the end. As a man of God, who tries with a sincere heart every single day to live a life that will please God, I, Larry V. Oldham, make every effort to keep it real with myself because I am real with God. Through Jesus Christ, I have an understanding of what comes from the heart of a person.

May God Continue to do Great Works in Your Life and Abundantly Bless You and Yours.
In His Precious Love and Divine Favor
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